“My eyes are small but they have seen the beauty of enormous things.”

I am astounded at the grace God has poured on me and through me this last week, the honor He has given me in trusting me with a precious heart. I am astounded at His ability to take a very wounded lamb and love her back to life. The propensity for evil in this world is far greater even than we can imagine…and I can imagine and have heard quite a bit by this point in my life. The strength, beauty, and persistence of good is far more magnificent that we can fathom.

When I was in Pismo, walking around, asking God if this was the place for me, I felt Him telling me that I was ready. Ready for what He has for me, for the next step in the journey. I can’t help but feel that all I have learned throughout my life was leading me to this point, to the things He has done through me this month, and yet I get the sense from Him that there is more…more trust and more responsibility.

God have mercy.

From Amsterdam to Dachau, from Portland to Denver, in all the places these feet have traveled, the one thing that strikes me deepest, God have mercy on us all. We are lost without Him…the power of His love is greater and holier than anything I have ever experienced in my life. It leaves me trembling.

God have mercy.

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