The drive here was quite exciting. Janet and I got in a lot of miles and a lot of laughs, but not a lot of sleep. I hope that she is recovering nicely, but that she never fully recovers. We are never the same after stuff like this, you know. At least now she knows how to drive a stick-shift. 😉

There are two discipleship training schools here at the Pismo YWAM. I am in the Social Justice and the Arts school with 9 other women and one man. The surf DTS has 7 men and one girl. The one guy from our school and I are living in a house with the surf people, which is quite fun.

I think the most significant thing to me is the way these people follow after God and love each other. I’ve never been among people so passionate…except my friends. Gosh…I was sitting in the living room today, watching everyone just love each other, wondering if I could just move in to stay. I don’t know that that is a serious thought…but gosh this love is beautiful. Love will change the world, you know. Have you heard?

YWAM Pismo is a decentralized base. That means we have people living in houses in the community in several different towns along the central coast. I’m so tired. We spent the day traveling to all the places within our base, praying for the area. Maybe I’m weird, but I think that kind of prayer is exhausting…good…but tiring…like climbing a mountain or something. I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain or three today. I think I need to take a holy nap.