Packing for Outreach

Packing for our departure…I have a few exciting things to report:

Including the two checks in the mail, my outreach fees are paid! Thank you, thank you thank you to all who support me…in all the ways you do. Last Friday the base raised money for our remaining expenses. My peers and other YWAMers donated over $1500!!

We are leaving so soon. I wish I could post all the things I’ve learned since San Francisco…but as you can tell from my lack of posting, we have been learning A LOT.

I might have a chance to update when we are overseas…but I can’t make any promises. I will have someone making updates if at all possible.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a day for cleaning and phone calls…so call if you get a chance! I will have my phone service held starting Tuesday. Not much use of it in India.

I do continue to have some financial needs, namely paying for my vaccinations, a couple bills, and spending money. Spending money is important not only for my heart, but also for my outreach. With this money I will be able to buy clothes and fit into the culture better. Because of stereotypes of American women, our contacts encourage us to dress more like local women, thus respecting their cultural concept of modesty. Each outfit is $6-10 (American currency). I will need clothes in both countries. Plus, it’s fun and the clothes are pretty! I would really like to have a little money for postage…if you want a post card, please send me your address :-).

That’s all for tonight!


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