Making a Way

Just a quick note to let you know where my life and energies are directed right now.  We are preparing for the arrival of the  students for our discipleship training school, and as a base we are setting aside time for prayer and fasting to get God’s heart for our ministry in this area.  I feel like God is preparing to work in the Central Coast in a new way, and we are preparing ourselves to receive Him and His gifts.  Advent seems to be the perfect time to be about this business of making a way for God to move in and through our lives and ministries, making a way for others to know Him. 

My church ( is doing a series on stewarding the Glory of God.  A couple weeks ago we talked about time management, which is very important to walking in His Glory…making sure the ways in which we spend our time reflect our priorities.  It fit well with the things I was learning in orientation and personally as I prepare to balance a pretty heavy work load.  Since weightiness is the definition of glory, this seems to fit!  (heavy work load=weighty work load)  I just want to be sure my time is spent productively and efficiently.  This week we are talking about glory in suffering. 

On a more personal note, I am finding myself overwhelmed by the abundance of God in the place He has called me.  The road before me is a place where my gifts are needed, welcome, and encouraged.  The people at my work and in my community want to know my heart and cherish me.  The love I feel every time I interact with someone from my church, even someone who doesn’t know me at all…it’s all overwhelming.  Friday night it moved me to tears.  I have no category for this. 

So that would be my prayer request for this week…that God would expand my heart to be able to receive, accept, and pour out His abundance.


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