Images from Silence and Solitude

I took these pictures during our base silence and solitude time on Tuesday.  God was speaking to me about growing things…how silly climbing roses look with nothing to climb, but how much work it takes a gardener to train them along the fence.  I really love the pictures of the thorns.  They are so crazy and wild, all different sizes of thorns covering the branches.  I can’t so much explain it; I just love it.  Even the shattered rose hips, swollen with seed, everything about the wildness of a growing thing…the messy-ness of it all.

Messy.  Healing is messy.  So is love.  Beauty is messy.  So are most artistic things.  I’m okay with messy…and that is a gift.  So many Christians are not okay with messy.  We want things to fit neatly into the little boxes.  Of course, that is because we do not see as the Gardener sees.  God is the Bride-groom…the ultimate Husband.  Husband comes from the word husbandry, which means to garden.  So He tends to us in winter, spring, and harvest…growing things with a structure and order we do not understand.

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  1. Snowy
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:46:00

    Beautiful!!! :o)


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