Saturdays at Andrini’s


My weekly pilgrimage to Andrini’s started because I needed internet.  And community.  I slung my 7 pound computer onto my back and trekked to the local coffee shop.  I wandered through the farmer’s market as they were setting up.  I paid my bills and then found some conversations I wanted to join online.  I ran into people I knew.  I came back the next week.  And the week after that.  And the week after that.  Last week I finally brought money for farmer’s market and brought home copious amounts of basil, among other things. Thank you SLO Grown Produce for the pesto sale.

I have a new genius phone that keeps me connected at home, but I still come.  I’m in search of community.  I have a tendency to want to hide in my house, but I dream of sitting around coffee (or beer) and talking about the things that matter.  Big thoughts and ideas, sometimes I wonder how to make it happen, sometimes I wonder if I’m ready or if I’d like to keep my ideas in the safety of print.  Every Saturday, I just keep coming.  Wanna come?