Unit D


This is my beautiful and virtually unusable front door. I love it. I leave it closed for the pain it is to latch again after it has been opened.

I am finding it difficult to know where to begin “updating my blog”. So I’m starting with my front door and my little apartment. It truly has become a haven for me, and it is becoming a place where I can share life with friends…slowly. Gracious friends tell me it takes a while to get settled and God keeps telling me its closer than I know…just like me. My house is closer to presentable, and I am closer to I-don’t-know-what, but glory it feels good to be close.

I decided to get a masters degree in speech language pathology. It sort of fits with things I have been saying for years…

“My life is about helping people find their voices. Whether that is in art, music, writing, or whatever, I like to help people find their voices.”

“Some people are called to a ministry and some people are called to a people group. I am called to people so lost inside themselves they will never find their way out on their own.”

And for the last seven months, “I’m concerned about ______.” “That’s a speech/language goal.”

So…speech/language it is.

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