Substrates of Thought: Truth

2. What is real and true goes on being real and true, no matter what I believe.

All of us, each and every one, put our faith in something.  We trust our senses and our mental faculties, our own ability to reason.  We put faith in the things which we have then reasonably concluded to be reliable.

  • Change
  • Natural selection
  • Scientific advancement
  • The good of humankind
  • The evil of humankind
  • God
  • Family
  • The government
  • Love
  • Education
  • Our own resourcefulness
  • Money
  • Medicine
  • Nature

These are some of the things where people place their faith.  However, history teaches us that we as a society can be very, very wrong.  The shape of the earth (flat vs. round) and spontaneous generation are two examples of western society’s misguided understanding.  We find these historical examples laughable, and yet as time marches on we will one day be a place in history.

Some of the things we place our faith in are more subtle, though.

As the songwriters say, “Gravity keeps bringing me down.”  Gravity, each sunrise and sunset, fundamental properties of heating and cooling, these are things where we effortlessly place our faith.  We only consider their failure in science-fiction and apocalyptic fantasy.   They go on being true whether we acknowledge them or not.

Returning to my original premise (Substrates of Thought: Limitations), my own and society’s limitations in knowledge, logic, and reasoning, I must conclude that some things go on being true even if no one knows about them.

This is, of course, the foundation for my own beliefs in morality, absolute Truth, and ultimately the foundation of my theistic world view.  It is enough for one day, though, to discuss the principal of faith.

What do you place your faith in?


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